MSA Scholarship Details

Eligibility: To be eligible for consideration of an MSA scholarship, applicants must have applied and be accepted as new students to the MSA program; not already possess a graduate degree and have at least a 3.2 undergraduate GPA.  Students must express their interest by applying for consideration of an MSA scholarship. There are a limited number of scholarships available.

*Application Deadline for Summer 2021 applicants: Friday, March 19, 2021 (extended to April 19, 2021).  MSA Scholarship Application-Summer 2021 applicants
Scholarship Application-Summer Applicants

*Application Deadline for Fall 2021 applicants: Friday, July 30, 2021. MSA Scholarship Application-fall 2021 applicants (application will be available in early May).
Scholarship Application-Fall Applicants

*Application Deadline for Spring 2021 applicants: Friday, December 17, 2021. MSA Scholarship Application-spring 2022 applicants.

Scholarship Application-Spring Applicants

Amount of Scholarship: up to $3000. One time scholarship applied in the fall semester for summer awardees; spring semester for fall awardees and summer for spring awardees.  Awardees must be enrolled with at least 3 MSA course credits in the semester for which the funds are to be applied.

Response to the following essay question may be cut and pasted or may be typed directly in the field.  There is no word length requirement for the essay.

“What do you think differentiates you from other students who may apply to our scholarship? For example, what life experiences have contributed to shaping who you are today. Use your response to tell us something else about you that we are not able to see from looking at your application for admission to the MSA and this scholarship application.”

Committee will use responses to this scholarship application along with an applicants application for admission to the MSA program to select awardees for a scholarship.
Applicants selected to receive an award will be notified by email.
*Please apply to the semester you plan to enter the program as a new student and only apply once.  Applicants are only eligible to be in one pool for consideration of an MSA scholarship.