Full and Part-Time Options

Full-time options:

  • 10 courses over three semesters*
    All students are required to take ACCT 5505: Understanding the Responsibilities of an Accounting Professional. ACCT 5505 is offered in the fall and again in the spring.  Students may take 3 courses in the summer, 3 in the fall and 3 in the spring and either ACCT 5505 in the fall or spring to complete the program.  This option enables many students to maintain their full-time status and continue deferring student loans, remain on their family’s health care plan, and allow them time to prepare and sit for the CPA exam concurrently. They also have access to our full range of course offerings, some of which are available for only one semester a year.
  • 10 courses over two semesters
    Students take 5 courses in the first term and 5 courses in the following term finishing the degree in eight months.

Part-time option:

  • 10 courses over multiple semesters

Because of the intensive nature of this program, we recommend that students working full-time take no more than two courses a semester. Be advised that there are some courses available only during the spring semester, so be sure to talk to your advisor first.

*Advantage – provides students with full-time status taking three courses a semester to continue to defer student loans, ability to remain on family health care plan and providing time to prepare and sit for the CPA exam concurrently as well as access to full range of course offerings.